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Monday, November 02, 2009

A musical Reiki session

Editor's note: Some readers have had trouble listening to the audio. If you're one of them, click here to download the recording to your computer.

Featured Practitioner: Cymber Lily Conn
Hakalau, Hawaii

Reiki practitioner and harpist Cymber Lily Conn

By Janet Dagley Dagley

I received a delightful and unexpected healing gift the other day: a distance Reiki session in the form of a musical recording from our first-ever Featured Practitioner: Cymber Lily Conn of the big island of Hawaii. Cymber was a student in our first Reiki Update Training class, and one of the first to pass the final exam. While she was waiting for her test results, Cymber decided to do a little extra credit project for the teacher. Cymber not only practices Reiki, she's also a harpist, and she combines both to offer Reiki to clients via her music. For clients in her local area, she offers live Reiki healing harp sessions. Those who aren't nearby can get live sessions via phone or Skype, or even recorded sessions. Since I'm not in Hawaii (alas!), Cymber did a Reiki harp healing session for me, converted the recording to handy mp3 form, and emailed it to me.

I've been able to listen to it again and again over the past week or so, and now I'd like to share it with you as well. Just click on the pink button on the mp3 player below -- but to get the most from the experience, you might want to prepare by setting up a comfortable place to sit or lie down while you listen.

Cymber explains that she began the session by focusing herself as usual for a distance Reiki session, and then:

"I allowed the Reiki to begin to flow through my hands, as though I were in a regular session with a client on a table. I then brought Janet to mind, and began to get a sense of how her energy was moving and how she was feeling. It's important to remember that someone in a different time zone (there are five hours between Janet and me) is in a different part of their day, and their energy will be different from mine.

Then I begin playing the harp. Reiki vibrates like musical notes only much higher, and is infused into the music.

In most musical sessions, I begin with a grounding improvisation. However, Janet was already quite grounded, so this was not needed. Her musical Reiki session starts with music to help balance energy and prepare to release blockages. The second section creates a safe place to look a little deeper at the shadow side, the rich, dark, loamy place we don't like to look. Reiki energy will help release stuck places in the shadow. The third section brings you into a cheerier mood, and returns to a brighter place than the one you left.

Once I had finished the recording (using GarageBand), then I tidied up the usual little noises at the beginning and end of the recording, turned it into an mp3, and emailed it to Janet. She can listen to the recording as often as she needs. And when the recording is no longer useful, she can request a new recording that better matches her energy-balancing needs at the time."

Thanks so much, Cymber! I've never been able to share a Reiki session I received with anyone else before, or relive it the way I can when listening to this recording. And thanks for becoming our first Featured Practitioner.

About Reiki Digest Featured Practitioners: From time to time we'll be introducing you to selected Reiki practitioners from around the world who have demonstrated their knowledge and skill by passing the Reiki Update Certification Exam -- practitioners we feel confident in recommending to clients and students. Click here for more information about Reiki Update Certification.


Blogger Unknown said...

I would love to hear a sample of this beautiful idea but there is no "pink button" to click on. Thanks :)

7:30 AM  
Blogger Janet Dagley Dagley said...

Sorry about that, Cindy. You might try reloading the page to give the audio player a chance to load. If that doesn't work, you can click here to download the audio (That will take you to the page where the recording is stored -- you'll need to click on the word "download" when you get there)

8:54 AM  

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