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Friday, August 13, 2010

Animal Reiki Friday: one year old pup and Reiki support the dying process

Often, the needs and emotions of animals are overlooked during the dying process of a family member.

Walking across the lawn towards the 92 year old woman's home I heard the sounds of barking coming from inside. Tapping mindfully on the door and considering the family within who had gathered together to support their mom’s end-of-life, I entered the home and introduced myself. I assured the family that the one year old puppy jumping at the kitchen gate could join us and he was allowed to join us.

Animals like people are very much a part of living and of family life. Many times their emotions and needs are overlooked including during the dying process of a family member. The small pup's prescence reminded me of all of this and I was glad that he was there supporting us.

I continued to lay my hands upon the mom's head and shoulder areas, knowing that no matter where I placed them the Reiki would go exactly to where it was needed. She slept peacefully, breathing in and out while the pup sat close by affirming that those that really matter need no proof of this healing practice, or ask what level of Reiki, hand positions or lineage we are connected to. They just feel it working.

I thanked the pup for his contributions, knowing that the mom was in good hands and at the best possible place. Although, I was using Reiki with a senior it is important to know that Reiki is not just for those that are sick, it’s for those that aren’t sick to stay healthy.

Getting a Reiki treatment has many benefits but learning Reiki for yourself will allow you to give yourself "self-treatments, will bring balance on many levels and it's something you can share confidently with the entire family including the family pet.

Kelly Tammaro and Ann Brum are founders of Heart of Reiki. They are animal Reiki practitioners and teach Reiki globally.


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