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Friday, August 27, 2010

Animal Reiki Friday: A practitioner's questions and an article

I get a lot of calls from people who want to practice Reiki with animals. Some are interested in classes, and some have questions about starting a business. This week I spoke to Maritsa, who is experienced in massage for animals but now wants Reiki to be the focus of her work.

Maritsa has received certificates for Reiki I and II. She’s learned about using Reiki with animals in her massage course, and she has completed a course in a natural energy healing method for animals.

Wanting to be both in state compliance and present a professional presence to her clients, Maritsa needed to be sure she was prepared to open her business. Her first question was whether the state (of New Jersey) required animal Reiki practitioners to be certified in animal CPR. (I’m not quite sure but I surmised from our conversation that CPR training had been a required part of her massage course.) Further, she wanted to know about Animal Reiki I and II certifications. Were those necessary?

Maritsa’s questions broach both legal and professional issues. While government does not recognize Reiki certification, it may impose other regulations regarding Reiki practice. I gave Maritsa my answer, and now I’m asking if you’ll share yours.

Because The Reiki Digest’s readers are from all over the world, rules may differ. I don’t expect that a reader from Portugal will be up to date on state specific legislation in the USA. But I’m wondering if animal Reiki practitioners will answer these questions:

What level of Reiki training have you completed?

How long have you been practicing Reiki with people? With animals?

Does your locality have any requirements or place restrictions on your practice? (For instance, from what I understand, In the United States, Texas law requires practitioners who touch animals to be licensed in animal massage. That means, in Texas, hands-on Reiki requires a certification. Hands-off does not. If you are from Texas and have a different understanding of this requirement, please share it here.)

Do you have a certificate for your work using Reiki with animals? Do you need one?

Do you think your clients place an importance on the level of study you’ve completed?

The question of certification requirements is broad and impacts not only animal Reiki, but also, of course, Reiki for humans. Certification requirements is a broad topic and one that warrants further discussion, but this set of questions is specifically for those who practice Reiki with animals, either professionally or otherwise. I told Maritsa I’d be posting her questions here. Will you answer?


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