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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: The Reiki Man by Dominic C. James

By Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

Who holds the secret key to Reiki’s past, casts superhuman spells of protection, can cure cancer and perhaps even defy death itself? It’s…The Reiki Man!

Follow chief of security and ex- Special Branch agent Stella Jones on a gripping adventure as she seeks to find the murderer of her billionaire industrialist boss Henry Mulholland – and the mysterious reason for his killing. Accompanied by Special Branch agent Jennings, Stella finds herself reunited with her ex-lover, ex-alcoholic Stratton in a race against time to find a mysterious box carved with mystical symbols that Stratton’s grandfather came upon in Burma during World War II.

Full of twists and turns and double and triple crossings, new enemies are made and unlikely alliances are forged as an international host of characters including biker gang criminals, members of the British elite, an American soldier of fortune, a Hollywood legend and a Japanese Ninja, all of whom have a stake in finding the mysterious box plot against each other in order to gain control of it. The history of Reiki as discovered by Usui and the fate of the world lie in the balance, as Stratton knows that in the wrong hands, the thousand symbols contained within can and will be used for evil.

In Dan Brownesque fashion, author and Reiki Master Dominic C. James weaves a tale of Reiki fact – and fiction, leading all the way back to the days of Jesus. Non-stop action will keep you turning the pages, but Reiki purists beware – All four Reiki symbols and are depicted and mantras exposed. The discovery of Reiki is noted as being in the late 1800’s, although research has shown that Usui’s discovery was actually in the 1900’s. Reiki practitioners will appreciate Stratton’s description of Reiki during conversations with Stella and others as he attempts to explain a concept foreign to many westerners, although he perhaps goes a bit overboard in explaining how energy blockages cause disease.

All in all a good fun read – and first in a trilogy. With its surprise ending, The Reiki Man will leave you ready for more. Published by O Books, you can find The Reiki Man at O Books or on Amazon:


Anonymous Fiona Turner said...

I read the book and loved it - can't wait for the next one.

Fiona Turner

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was a piece of crap-a disgrace to literature, dimestore fiction, and Reiki alike. Words can hardly express my disgust with this so-called book. I say this as an English Lit graduate and a Reiki Master who enjoys a good detective novel-this isn't one.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Ken Lee (reiki master) said...

Well anonymous you obviously got out of the angry side of the bed when you left your comment. I found the book a very good read and your comments vile, harsh,and venomous. Perhaps you could do with a few Reiki sessions to deal with your anger issues and you a Reiki master REALLY????.

5:09 AM  

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