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Friday, June 03, 2011

Animal Reiki Friday: Reiki room

Reiki for hens

This week's animal Reiki room was submitted by a practitioner who wishes to remain anonymous. Finding herself trapped in a chicken coop due to a malfunctioning latch while caring for some hens whose owner had gone out of town, she found the situation a perfect opportunity for Reiki practice.

Contemplating the precepts, she did not become angry that the latch was not working. She did not worry despite the fact that the display of her cell phone indicated that the battery was low. She had compassion for herself despite the fact that the universal initial response to her phone calls for help was laughter. She was grateful that the incident occurred on the one warm day in a week during which temperatures were well below winter norms.

While waiting for help to arrive she treated both herself and the hens to some Reiki. She's confident that it was well received by all...But was that soft clucking she heard contentment or were those hens laughing too?

To submit a photo of your animal (or regular) Reiki room, send it in an email to reikiroom @ and include the words "Reiki room" in the subject line.


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