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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Review: Reiki for Children by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek, ND

By Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

Reiki For Children was originally conceived as a text book for teaching children Reiki, but as author Kytka Hilmar-Jezek reflected on her manual, she decided it would serve more people if presented as a stand-alone piece. Written from the heart, Hilmar-Jezek hones in on the importance of teaching children Reiki, if possible, while they are still young enough that they have not started to develop negative thought patterns and before their creativity and sense of wonder are squelched, which can often occur merely as a result of the growing up process.

This 135 page book is filled with great affirming quotations that help children understand from an early age their value, and the values that Reiki teaches. It's written in a tone that makes it suitable for reading to children, while seeking to tackle complex issues like connection to the universe, the chakra system and the impact of our thoughts. Many of these concepts lie outside the realm of Reiki, like the author's use of angels and heaven as a way to describe what many call Source, or the Great White Light, which may resonate with children and help them understand more easily concepts that many adults struggle with, but not being an expert on the developmental stages of children and their comprehension, I'm not sure how well different age groups will integrate esoteric/new age/ holistic side topics like spirit guides, auras, crystals and the benefits of a raw diet.

Sections are devoted to the symbols, the attunement process, a Reiki treatment (complete with photos of hand positions), methods like scanning, and grounding ones' self and there is ample room at the end for note taking.

Reiki history students may take issue with the story of "Dr." Usui and the founding of Reiki, as it does not coincide with what current reasearch has shown, but by and large, the book is a valuable tool for those who looking for help explaining some of Reiki's concepts to children.

Part of the Family Healing Series, Reiki For Children is available in paperback at Amazon.


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