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Friday, November 04, 2011

The Reiki Roundup

Lake Leelanau, MI,USA: Living, Laughing and Learning - Gail Robinson, an experienced Montessori educator and Hatha Yoga and Reiki practitioner, introduced the technique of "Laughing for No Reason" to cardiac support groups and human service workers and their clientele, as well as to people with Alzheimer's, cancer and MS.

Littleton, MA, USA: Healing Garden in Harvard offers breast cancer patients nature as a backdrop for healing A Lowell resident, she was a member of the first support group at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden, where she learned to meditate, had acupuncture and Reiki treatments and other healing modalities.

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada: The healing power of energy  "Reiki involves placing the hands lightly on or near specific areas of the body. Reiki is spiritual in nature, involving a healing energy to help you find balance in your life."

Queensland, Australia: Enlightening Words from The Diary of a Modern- Day Sufi Webster is a practising Reiki master, an instructor of Reiki, and a qualified natural healing therapist with diplomas in several vibrational therapy techniques.

Conway, NH, USA:  Chronic disease sufferers find relief through Reiki An article written by a Reiki Master about the use of Reiki  as a healing modality and how his clients find relief through Reiki.

Robertsdale, AL, USA
Healing Acres - A Wellness Retreat, opens in Robertsdale  This wellness center offers massages, essential oils, Reiki 1 and 2 and other natural therapies for health and well- being.

Oak Park, IL USA:   My Introduction to Reiki Lisa Browdy says, "I love that Reiki is the empowerment between you and the Source, and I'm just the conduit."


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