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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What is The Reiki Digest?

Welcome to the premiere issue of The Reiki Digest, a regular roundup of news about Reiki, for Reiki practitioners of all levels as well as anyone else interested in Reiki.

How much does it cost?

It's free!

How do I subscribe?

It's easy: Just send an e-mail to
with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Or if you prefer, click the +MyYahoo! button on the upper left to add The Reiki Digest to your personal Yahoo! page. Don't have a personal Yahoo! page? Get one here.

Is there any other way to read The Reiki Digest?

Sure. Just visit our home page and you'll find the latest issue right on top, along with a complete archive. Or subscribe to The Reiki Digest RSS feed and you'll automatically receive every issue in your RSS reader.

Who publishes The Reiki Digest?

The Reiki Digest is published by Healing Movement.

Who edits The Reiki Digest?

Reiki Master and veteran journalist Janet Dagley Dagley is editor-in-chief.

How can I contact The Reiki Digest?

Simply post a comment here, or e-mail


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