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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Reiki Digest for October 11, 2006: Ask the Masters

Ask the Masters

Today we introduce what we hope will become a regular feature: Ask the Masters.

Reiki Master Teachers of various Reiki lineages and styles are standing by to answer your questions.

Our first answering Master is ...

Margaret Ann Case, BA, Reiki Master, RPP, of New York City. For more than 14 years, Case Sensei has been a recognized leader and innovator in the teaching of Reiki and spiritual healing, as well as an esteemed healing practitioner. She is a former business executive, opera singer, and a life-long student of holistic and wisdom traditions. Case Sensei is the founder and director of Reiki Arts Continuum and maintains a private practice in Manhattan. She also directs the Reiki program at the New York Open Center. She is also my teacher, and therefore one of the people who made The Reiki Digest possible. One of the distinctive features of the Reiki Arts Continuum master program is its emphasis on Reiki as a profession, and one of the requirements is a comprehensive business and life plan. The Reiki Digest and its nascent siblings are a direct result of that assignment.

Our first question comes from a netizen known as buddy don, author of the blog Wandering Hillbilly. He is not a Reiki practitioner, but is a fairly regular recipient.

Buddy Don writes in the somewhat obscure Appalachian dialect, on his blog, and in his question here:

"do ye git as much outta receivin reiki as ye git frum givin it?" (That is, "Do you get as much out of receiving Reiki as you get from giving it?")

Case Sensei answers:

For me each way of receiving Reiki has its own gifts. As a practitioner, when I receive Reiki for another person, I receive the gift of sharing and assisting someone in their healing journey. When I receive Reiki from another practitioner, I receive the gifts of healing and transformation. And when I receive Reiki by giving it to myself, I receive the gifts of empowerment and deep inner connection. So, yes, I do get as much from receiving Reiki as from giving it.

Many thanks for the question and the answer.

If you have a question for Ask the Masters, post it as a comment on The Reiki Digest web site, or e-mail it to:

If you'd like to ask a question but are feeling shy about giving us your name, you can comment anonymously as well. You don't have to be a Reiki practitioner or even know anything about Reiki to ask -- all legitimate questions about Reiki are welcome.

And if you're a Reiki Master Teacher who's willing to answer a question or two here, send an e-mail to:

Hello, World

Although nearly 90 percent of our readers are in the United States, The Reiki Digest also has visitors from around the world. So far, our global Reiki community here includes Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, as well as the U.S.

Reviewing Reiki Online Project Update

Thanks to all who responded to our request for recommended sites, and volunteer reviewers, for our Reviewing Reiki Online Project. We'll be selecting the Top 10 Reiki Sites for 2006, announcing the winner in January 2007. Many other sites that don't make the Top 10 will be on our recommended sites list. If your web site is about Reiki, or if you would like to recommend a site about Reiki to be reviewed, nominate it by replying to this message (if you're an e-mail subscriber) or posting a comment (if you're reading this on the Reiki Digest web site). All sites must be primarily about Reiki to qualify for review.

Reiki Roundup

We begin this week in Appleton, Wisconsin, where the Post-Crescent offers one of the most accurate articles about Reiki ever to appear in the mainstream media.

From there, we head to North Carolina, where Katrina survivors in the Raleigh-Durham area are using Reiki and other natural healing methods to help with the stress of losing their homes to the storm.

Still in North Carolina, the Japan East Center at Eastern Carolina University in Greenville will include Reiki at its upcoming Wellness Japan event November 2.

And in Greensboro -- not to be confused with Greenville -- North Carolina, we find an article headlined, "Reiki Master Guides, Enlightens Others."

Congratulations to North Carolina for being such a hotbed of Reiki this week!

In Livingston, Michigan, we find a Reiki Master and interfaith minister who's establishing a new church.

On to the UK, where The Independent features an article titled "How the power of touch reduces pain and even fights disease."

This week's edition of The Reiki Show features an interview with Rick Vrenios of Chicago, who, with his wife Connie, developed a Reiki/massage combination modality they call Reiki-ssage.

Our last item this week is a heartbreaker: In Montreal, Canada, The Gazette tells the story of how Reiki, among other things, helped a woman deal with the deaths of her husband and then her two grown sons.


Anonymous Colin Powell said...

Hi Janet

I'm up for reviewing a couple of Reiki websites of your choice! I seem to spend a large amount of my time doing that for myself informally anyway and it would be good to help others sort out the wheat from the chaff!

My e-mail is

I also have me own website, which I am happy to submit for review. It is called Reiki: pure & simple and the URL is
Although I think I coined the name 'Reiki: pure & simple' first, someone else has beaten me to the domain name! Oh well, such is life!

Ai to Hikari

10:05 AM  
Blogger Janet said...

Thanks, Colin! We'll certainly take you up on that offer. Thanks for posting a link to your site as well. That gives readers a head start on reviewing it -- we need that since there's so much information on it.

10:57 AM  

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