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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time with teachers

It's a good thing I told you about my typical day's Reiki practice last week, since this week has been anything but typical, because I'm hosting some important guests. Globally acclaimed Reiki authors Bronwen and Frans Stiene and their lovely daughter Bella are in New York for, among other things, a three-day Shinpiden (Master/Teacher level) workshop with Frans that begins tomorrow, followed by an advanced workshop for Shinpiden graduates on Monday, October 22. As host of the class, I have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with these teachers, though I've tried to give them plenty of time to relax and enjoy the city on their own as well as chances to get together with other students also eager for time with them. On Monday night, Frans attended The Reiki Dojo and led us in some Reiki meditative practices. He'll be there again next Monday, and if you're in the New York City you're welcome to join us there from 8 to 9 p.m. ($10 donation requested)

Tonight Frans is giving a talk to the New York Reiki Meetup, which is already full (unless some of those who RSVPed don't show up).

Getting to spend time with these respected teachers reminds me that sadly, there are some who believe it isn't necessary to learn Reiki directly from a teacher. Some things can be learned online or from books or videos, but Reiki isn't one of them. You can learn a lot about Reiki without a live, in-person teacher -- but you can't become a Reiki practitioner that way.

And beginning tomorrow morning, I'll find myself in a room full of Reiki teachers, since most of the Shinpiden students are already at the Master level in other lineages. That's also one of the benefits: being in a room for 3 days with people from diverse backgrounds who have in common only an intense interest in Reiki, even if they don't agree on exactly what that is or how it is practiced.

Tomorrow night, another example: The New York Reiki Meetup will hold one its monthly practitioners' exchange.

Next February there will be another opportunity to get together and hobnob with Reiki teachers and practitioners at the second annual Reiki Symposium at the New York Open Center.

With Reiki Digest readers in 68 countries and counting, I know this isn't a local publication. I'm just using the events in my area as examples -- chances are there is a Reiki get-together somewhere near you, and if not, then you might want to host one yourself.

This week's Celeb-Reiki is Australian pop star and cancer survivor Kylie Minogue, who reportedly received some Reiki treatments during her battle with breast cancer.

And this week we have not one but two posts from Special Correspondent Michelle Shinagawa. First, she tells us about the two tiger statues that guard the main temple at Mt. Kurama, the legendary birthplace of Reiki. Second, she has good news: her Reiki greeting cards are now on sale at the New York Open Center Bookstore.

There don't seem to be many new articles about Reiki out there this week, so we'll save the Reiki Roundup for later.

Update: So far, nobody has responded to our request to tell us about your personal Reiki practice. We'll keep hoping to hear from you.


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