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Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 brings recognition, regulation to UK Reiki

Breaking news this week from Britain, where holistic health advocate Prince Charles has moved his cause a step forward with the establishment of a new regulatory body to oversee voluntary registration for Reiki practitioners and other complementary health therapists.

Beginning in April, the new Natural Healthcare Council will be launched, and practitioners of Reiki as well as Alexander technique, Bowen technique, cranial therapy, homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, shiatsu, yoga therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology will have the option of registering.

We begin our coverage at the horse's mouth: the January 7 press release from the Prince's Foundation for Integral Health announcing the new council. That announcement stipulates that "there are no plans for these complementary therapies to be statutorily regulated," although officials are looking into such regulation for acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal medicine, all of which are more invasive than Reiki.

From the official announcement, we move on to newspaper coverage of the new council:

The Times Online headline is: "New laws to govern alternative medicine"; "Complementary Treatments Regulated," the UK Press Association tells us. The Daily Mail puts a little twist on its headline: "New laws to regulate alternative medicine in bid to weed out dodgy practitioners." And a columnist for The Guardian twists it another way: "Quackery & superstition available soon on the NHS."

If by "quackery and superstition" the columnist means Reiki, then it's time to fact-check the fact-checkers, because Reiki is already available through the UK's National Health Service, as evidenced by the work of Reiki Master Angie Buxton-King, author of the 2004 book The NHS Healer.

As you may recall from last week's edition, Reiki practitioners in Australia also are dealing with new regulations this year.

There are enough headlines about the new regulations to fill an entire Reiki Roundup, but we must keep moving. In the U.S., Reiki makes the pages of the fairly conservative magazine U.S. News & World Report, part of a larger feature on alternative therapies.

In Canada's Financial Post, we learn about a pricey new trend for men: spa getaways that include Reiki and cost more than $10,000, not including airfare. (Wonder how much of that goes to the practitioner?)

Reiki for animals is also trendy, so a publication for horse owners features an article on Reiki and flower essences for our equine friends.

In the field of dentistry, the editor of Oral Health Journal is calling for the integration of more alternative therapies, including Reiki, as a way of treating the whole person.

In a Dallas, Texas, hotel spa, we find a Reiki practitioner who keeps her hands off her clients.

We have not one, not two, but three Celeb-Reikies this week, one from the UK, one from the US, and one from Ireland.

"Opera singer cured after losing voice," The Lancashire Evening Post reports. Opera singer Dave Salter got his voice back after just three Reiki treatments, the story says.

In the US, designer, Reiki practitioner, and reality TV star Elisa Jimenez was able to see the bright side when she was kicked off the Bravo TV program Project Runway.

And in Ireland, we meet artist, cancer survivor and Reiki practitioner Elsie Nolan, for whom painting and healing go hand in hand.

Coming soon: The first edition of the Carnival of Reiki will begin right here in The Reiki Digest on January 31. What's that? It's a blog carnival, which is a collection of blog posts, in this case on the topic of Reiki. If you have a blog or other web site, and a post about Reiki there that you would like to share with our readers, click here to contribute it to the carnival.


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