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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting to the point

First, another round of thanks to all those who have contributed their comments so far to our discussion on the proposed points of consensus about Reiki. I think we’re making great progress, and I believe this is important work. As our conversation continues, however, instead of adding to our proposed list, let’s focus on just one point of consensus -- if we can find it.

When people ask, “What is Reiki?” there needs to be a clear, simple answer that most everyone associated with this wonderful practice can agree upon, even if we disagree on many other aspects.

I know full well that the answer we decide upon isn’t going to be 25 points long. Nor should it be: the shorter, the better. We need to have what’s known in the business world as an elevator pitch, just in case someone asks, “So what do you do?” on the 10th floor and we have to give them an answer PLUS a business card by the time the doors open onto the ground floor. We need a succinct answer to that question because every other healing modality already has one. For example:

Acupuncture: Little needles.
Oncology: Cancer treatment.
Chiropractic: Spinal alignment.
Massage: Rubdown for sore muscles.
Cardiac surgery: Heart operations.
Reflexology: Footrub that affects your whole body.
Aromatherapy: Essential oils.
Reiki: (_________________?)

What we need to describe here is Reiki as a practice, rather than the energy of Reiki, or for that matter the history of Reiki. People curious about Reiki just want to know what it might do for them or their loved ones.

So, here’s this week’s challenge. Answer the question, “What is Reiki?” Post it as a comment on our web site (click on the word ‘comments’ right under this post), or email it to Or if you prefer, click here and our call button will pop up; just follow the easy instructions to leave a spoken comment on our 24/7 voicemail, courtesy of GrandCentral.

What do you say when people ask you, "What is Reiki?"

See below for the comments we've received since last week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Regina, and I am a Reiki II practitioner for about 4 years now. Responding to last Thursday's posting: This week's challenge. Answer the question: "What is Reki?" - i.e. accupuncture: Little Needles etc., I would like to suggest that Reiki is: Healing With Hands or Hands On Healing. This is a suggestion for describing Reiki as a practice rather than Reiki as an energy.

Thank you.

3:02 PM  
Blogger The Mystic 1 said...

Reiki originated in Japan. It is a hands on (or laying on of hands) technique that promotes relaxation and healing.

6:38 PM  

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