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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reiki Roundup

Love Animal Sanctuary, Thailand: Meet Baby Buff, a water buffalo miraculously rescued from the slaughterhouse -- Reiki played a part in her recovery from near-death.

Allerdale, UK: A busy elected official uses Reiki to reduce stress.

St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA: It's just a tiny news item in the Detroit Free Press, but we're so happy to see this sentence: "Reiki involves using the hands to heal an area of pain without the use of massage."

Kearney, Nebraska, USA: An article on the use of Reiki in medical environments makes an interesting claim: "More than 100 hospitals in the United States have full-time Reiki practitioners, Albrecht said, and statistics from those hospitals indicate Reiki patients use less pain medication and have shorter hospital stays than other patients." We'd sure love to know the source of that.

Beyond English: Our ace reporter, Google, has developed a new skill: now it can find news articles in different languages. Here's one from Portugal: Precisa de energia? Sirva-se das mãos!


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