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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Reiki Roundup

Westville, South Africa: "Reiki Master found her 'calling' after car smash" in The Times tells us the story of Wendy Ramsamy, a former personal assistant who discovered Reiki, and a new side of herself, after a car accident eight years ago. Ramsamy practices a variety of other modalities, including hypnotherapy, angel workshops, and mediumship, but the reporter did keep the Reiki part of the story distinct from the rest.

Chandigarh, India: In "Computer professional turns reiki healer for asthmatic daughter," we meet Shivi Dua, who now has a new profession as a natural healer.

Kennebunk, Maine, USA: the University of Southern Maine College of Nursing will be conducting a study focusing on the use of Reiki with older adults who experience pain, depression, and anxiety.

Cleveland, Ohio: WCPN-Radio's David C. Barnett, who shares his experiences dealing with prostate cancer in the series Prostate Chronicles, experiences Reiki -- and sensations that defied his skepticism.


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