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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Contributions welcome

This is a free publication, and we plan to keep it that way. But we do incur expenses in the production and distribution of this free service, even if you don't consider the labor involved. We thank our advertisers for their support and encourage our readers to support them as well.

We also appreciate the messages we've received from readers asking how they can contribute monetarily to help keep The Reiki Digest going. In response, we've set up a secure online tip jar via PayPal where you can toss in some tangible support in any amount. Just click on the "donate" button there in the left-hand column.

Meanwhile, we continue to be grateful for the growing number of non-monetary contributions we receive from our global community of readers: your comments, suggestions, and guest articles. (Email yours to

And we thank Google for its hard-working, no-cost suite of products, including Blogger, Gmail, GrandCentral, and of course our ace reporter, Google News Search.


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