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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animal attunements, revisited

Last October, Reiki Digest contributor and animal Reiki practitioner Beth Lowell posed an interesting question: Should Reiki attunements be offered to animals? We got a few responses at the time, but in recent weeks that conversation has really taken off. 

Reiki practitioner Rose de Dan came across Beth's question, and posted a reply on her blog, Wild Reiki. Beth replied to that on her own blog, other animal Reiki practitioners joined in, and soon the discussion was in progress on several sites at once. Rose mentioned it last week in a comment here, but we wanted to make sure we called attention to the discussion as well. 

And since we have so many new readers since then, we're asking the question again: What do you think? Should animals be attuned? Add your comments to this post on our web site or email them to


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