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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hello, Australia!

We didn't mean to neglect Australia in last week's Reiki Roundup --we even did a specific Google news search to look for Reiki-related items there. But one of our readers felt left out. Gweneth Baker wrote:

I enjoy reading the digest but would like to ask isn't Australia part of the world? I look forward to some info about Reiki in Australia. In fact Google news doesn't know about Australia. Even worse I live in Tasmania so I expect that's not even an option.

Love and best wishes

This week we do have one Reiki news item from Australia -- but not from Tasmania. The International House of Reiki's National Reiki Retreat starts June 13.

Gweneth, we hope you'll help keep us informed about Australian Reiki news -- if you find any, drop us an email at


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