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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our readers comment on Reiki for dementia patients

Last week we told you about an encouraging report on Reiki for dementia patients, and this week, we hear from our readers on the subject.

Joan Learmann wrote:

I worked in lockdown dementia units in Florida for seven years and used Reiki on a daily basis. I have had nurses witness behavior changes, physical changes and it allowed a male resident with "sun-downers" who walked up to eighteen miles per day get a good nights rest. Although this man did not communicate verbally he would physically try to push the energy away with his hands as so he would beable to continue his walking. Not only did it help residents, it was common to have requests for Reiki from the staff including administrators down to the CNA's [certified nursing assistants].

Thanks, Joan.

And nurse Lilia V. Marquez wrote:

I agree that scientific studies are needed to prove that Reiki works for those who are skeptical about the beneficial effects of Reiki.

Thanks, Lilia.

We hope more studies will be done with larger groups of test subjects so that the results will be considered more scientific than anecdotal.


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