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Friday, August 28, 2009

Reiki Roundup: extra-large end-of-summer* edition

*or end-of-winter for our readers in the Southern Hemisphere

This may be our biggest Reiki Roundup ever! For some reason, Reiki has turned up in the news much more often in the past couple of weeks, so grab your reading glasses and let's get started.

London: The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council has now opened its register to reflexologists, and Reiki practitioners are scheduled to be added within a few months. The voluntary register will open over the course of this year to a wide range of complementary and natural healthcare practitioners. Reflexology is the fourth discipline for which the register has opened this year, joining massage therapy, nutritional therapy and aromatherapy.

Dehradun, India: The Times of India has an article on how the elderly and others with limited mobility can integrate Reiki with surya namaskar, known to yoga practitioners worldwide as the sun salutation, to greet the sun in a less active way. The techniques mentioned are from a branch of Reiki that has evolved in India in recent decades that incorporates yoga and other meditative techniques.


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