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Saturday, October 17, 2009

NEW: Update your Reiki training at your convenience

By popular demand, we're changing the format of our Reiki Update Training Class. Beginning November 3, all students will be able to participate in the class on their own schedules. Instead of weekly evening teleclasses, the new training format will feature five hours of recorded classes as well as other resources and discussions on our private class web site.

Our first Reiki Update Training Class sold out quickly, and the students are now busy with their final exam. With our new format, students can join anytime and work at their own pace, so there will be no more sold out classes.

We're offering the Reiki Update Training to all Reiki practitioners who've completed Level 2 or above. And at the end of the class, there's an exam. If you pass it, you'll be eligible for referrals from The Reiki Digest and The Reiki Dojo, as well as listing in our forthcoming directory. And you'll get a certificate of updated training to attest to your achievement and demonstrate that you've met standards over and above your original certification.

Why update your Reiki training?

If you were trained back in the 20th Century, or studied with a teacher who was, it's likely that some of what you learned has since been supplanted by more recently discovered information. Were you taught that Reiki founder Mikao Usui was a Christian medical doctor and university president? It turns out that wasn't the case after all. Or did you learn that Reiki was an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique that Usui "rediscovered"? That, too, is misinformation (for one thing, Tibetan Buddhism isn't ancient).

Updating your training will also help you better represent Reiki to your clients, students, and community.

In this class, you'll learn:

* The documented history of Reiki
* The truth about the most common Reiki myths
* How to find credible information
* How to keep yourself informed on further developments
* Highlights of the latest Reiki medical research
* Traditional Reiki meditation techniques
* How to get the most out of your personal practice

. . . and much more.

You'll learn ways to bring new life into your personal Reiki self-care practice, and you'll find out what makes a person a Reiki practitioner (hint: it's not the certificate).

The class is taught by multi-certified Reiki Master Teacher Janet Dagley Dagley, editor of The Reiki Digest and founder of The Reiki Dojo in New York City.

The Reiki Update Training teleclass is open to Level 2 and above in all lineages. We will need to see a copy of your certificate to enroll you.

Only $65

Click here to download the registration form

For more information, email editor @ or call 917-512-1330 or
toll-free (in the USA): (888) 316-5853.


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