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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celeb-Reiki cyclist recovering from crash injuries

Olympic cycling medalist Hayden Roulston of New Zealand, the world's best-known Reiki-practicing athlete, is taking it easy for a few weeks as he recovers from injuries he received in a freak crash during his home race, the Tour of Southland, earlier this month. Roulston wasn't even on his bike at the time -- he and another rider were off their bikes talking to race officials after a crash involving dozens of riders when another cyclist rode into them. Roulston suffered injuries to both knees and a dislocated shoulder. We trust that Reiki is part of his healing process, just as it was a few years ago when he came back from a life-threatening heart ailment to resume his cycling career. Since then he's gone on to win Silver and Bronze medals in the Beijing Olympics and ride with distinction in his first Tour de France. He was going for his fourth consecutive win in the Tour of Southland at the time of the accident. Get well soon, Hayden!


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