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Monday, February 01, 2010

Reiki Roundup

We begin our roundup of Reiki news at the web site of Massage Magazine, where we find Reiki included among suggestions for continuing education for massage therapists.

Next stop, The Huffington Post, where Elena Brower's post "Art of Attention: Breathing for Healing Sleep" includes a little touch of Reiki.

The January issue of Healthcare Traveler magazine has a feature on animal Reiki.

Advance for Nurses magazine has an interview with Meredith Kendall, the Reiki coordinator at a hospital in Maine and author of the book Reiki Nurse: My Life As a Nurse, and How Reiki Changed It.

On to Jakarta, Indonesia, where the Jakarta Post asks, "Are Reiki and Yoga Compatible?" (In a word, yes!)

From there we move on to Kashmir, divided among India, Pakistan, and China and scene of much strife, where millions suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and a project called "Healing Kashmir" is providing Reiki and other alternative therapies to help some of them.

Next stop: Half Moon Bay, California, where a Reiki aficionado was among a group of 25 nonagenarians honored at a local event.

Our final stop this week is Chicago, where we find a newspaper feature -- with video -- headlined "Reiki: Miracle-Gro for Humans" along with a profile of a former advertising executive who's now very busy with her Reiki practice and spa.


Blogger Meredith Kendall said...

Thank you for showing my book, Reiki Nurse. You may contact me through my Facebook page, Reiki Nurse, if you have questions. Reiki energy is the magic electricity of love through time and space!

7:48 AM  

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