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Monday, February 15, 2010

A survey on Reiki self-care

By Elaine Grundy
Reiki Master Teacher
The Reiki Centre of Singapore

Over the years Reiki has been subjected to numerous clinical studies to try to prove its efficacy. I have always been surprised by the rather inconclusive results that arise when Reiki is applied to areas such as pain management, depression, healing from operations, etc. I began to wonder if the key ingredient missing from these trials is the act of self-care. In all these studies the patient is given a session by a Reiki practitioner and I have yet to see a study whereby the results reflected the added commitment of self-responsibility. Reiki’s greatest benefit is that it is a self-care modality and people who practice Reiki are committed to taking responsibility for themselves.

I decided to counter this study bias by launching a study on the benefits as reported by Reiki practitioners. This survey is not a clinical trial and is not to be considered medical research; however from a consumer research standpoint the more responses I get the more valid it becomes from a statistical viewpoint. The questions are self-reported and my aim is to study people who decide to attune to Reiki. I am interested in what happens in terms of many different areas of their lives, and I am also measuring it over time to see if the effects are cumulative. The results so far are very interesting and I am excited by the impact that a survey of this size will have on the media and on many people waiting for more definitive ‘proof’ that Reiki works.

Please note this survey is designed for Usui Reiki practitioners and teachers. I hope that many of you will support this survey and fill it out, and pass it on to other Usui Reiki practitioners.

Click here to respond to the survey.

Editor's note: Longtime readers of The Reiki Digest know we emphasize the importance of daily Reiki self-care and personal practice, so we were delighted that Elaine was willing to include us and our readers in this project, and we urge readers to take a few moments to respond to the survey. The more responses, the more valuable the survey will be.


Blogger Andi said...

I'm very interested to see what the results are! Although I'm not a Usui Reiki practitioner (my style is a little different although I am Reiki attuned - and I won't be doing the survey), I think it'll be fun to see how this turns out...

11:29 AM  

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