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Monday, September 13, 2010

Personal practice Monday: Reiki connection

Today's Personal practice article comes from Pamela Miles' blog, Reiki Central. The original post appeared July 10, 2009.

Reiki connects us to that which connects us.

All the changes that occur with Reiki practice—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual—come from connecting and reconnecting with the largest context, our immediate and ultimate connectedness to everyone, and to all that is.

As our hands lightly connect with our bodies in daily practice, the limits of our awareness touch infinity. We become more accepting and honoring of individuality, both our own and one anothers’, and more grateful for the world we inhabit.

This ability to enjoy ourselves, each another, and the world around us unfolds gracefully through daily Reiki self-treatment, as we repeatedly connect to that which connects us.

Thanks, Pamela! If you would like to submit an article about personal practice, please send it in an email to and include the words "personal practice" in the subject line.

Pamela Miles is The Reiki Digest's editor-at-large.


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