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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Medical Reiki seminar with Pamela Miles at New York Open Center, October 30 & 31


Pamela Miles is a Reiki master practicing since 1986 who has collaborated extensively in medicine. She is the author of REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide (Tarcher/Penguin).

In the Medical Reiki seminar, Pamela Miles shares what she has learned in nearly 2 decades of medical collaboration, including teaching Reiki at Yale medical school:

How Reiki treatment helps patients, families, and staff.

What doctors need to know and what not to say.

How to address the issue of safety.

What research has shown (and what it doesn't show).

How to get your foot in the health care door, even if you are not a licensed health care professional.

How to avoid getting booted out once you’re in (don’t laugh–it happens).

What’s the most critical factor in your success.

The ability to speak credibly about Reiki will increase your confidence and your professionalism immediately, whether or not you intend to offer Reiki treatment in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, or other conventional health care centers.

2-day seminar in NYC Oct 30/31 Details & registration

1-day seminar in Buenos Aires Nov 27 English with successive Spanish translation. Details & registration



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