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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pamela Miles' 7 Steps to Successful Public Reiki Events Webinar


7 STEPS to SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC REIKI EVENTS is the third in Pamela Miles’ series of Reiki Best Practices webinars, being created to help you develop as a credible professional who can raise public awareness of Reiki practice.

What you get in this webinar:
  • All the details of preparation so that even when the inevitable last-minute whatevers occur, you’ll be poised, welcoming, and effective
  • An overview of the main elements of public Reiki event organization so that you can write your own Event Proposal
  • A detailed Production Schedule that takes you from Concept to Reality, including a large section on Logistics
Each of the 7 key elements is broken down into manageable steps including how to:
  • identify and approach organizations to partner you for an event
  • organize event logistics
  • communicate clearly with practitioners and the public
  • find, prepare, and support your practitioners and clients
  • obtain and utilize feedback.
This webinar is appropriate for practitioners planning their first public event and those who already have some experience.

"I highly recommend this webinar. I took it last winter and it was invaluable. My first event, at a hospice where I volunteer, went very well because of it. She covers many details. You will not be disappointed!"     –Sue Jacobson

You can access the webinar online whenever and as often as you like, moving at your own pace starting February 5.

REGISTER NOW - Introductory fee ends Feb 4

SPECIAL BONUS: the first 50 people who register can join a free, live Q&A webinar Thursday, February 17 starting at 9 PM Eastern US time (6 PM Pacific).



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