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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music we love to practice Reiki by: Michael Stribling

Heard an amazing blend of ambient sound and music the other day on the Soundscapes cable channel, and I hurried to jot down the artist's name and find out more. Turns out that Michael Stribling makes his music available free online. We're listening and learning more, but so far we especially love Eagle Above, River Below from his 2010 album Paradise Lost.

Stribling's life took him from music to work as a therapist and back to music again. No wonder his work is so perfect for therapies of all types.

If your client happens to be a music trivia buff, you might score points by revealing that Stribling was once a drummer for Johnny Mathis. But not during the session, of course.

If you like what you hear free online, you can click below to buy individual tracks or entire CDs from iTunes and Amazon.

Michael Stribling


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