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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Music we love to practice Reiki by: “peace of mind”

According to his biography:

Fridrik Karlsson has been a professional musician since the age of sixteen. He completed a degree in Classical and Jazz/Rock guitar and had his first international success with the group Mezzoforte in 1983 with the U.K. top 10 hit, Garden Party. Fridrik moved to England in 1996 from his native Iceland and has since been involved in various projects including guitar work on the movies Evita (with Madonna) and Phantom of the Opera, the Musicals: Jesus Christ Superstar and Saturday Night Fever. He has appeared on TV, accompanying world famous singers and artists, such as Madonna, Jose Carreras, J.K. (Jamiroquai), Marty Pellow (Wet Wet Wet), Andy Williams, David Cassidy, Ronan Keating , Tom Jones and Fridrik is also residence guitarist for The X-factor(hosted by Simon Cowell). Fridrik has played on various albums and singles including, Jose Carreras, Ronan Keating, Sheryl Crow, Will Young (UK pop idol), Clay Atkin, Kelly Clarkson, Leann Rhimes, Cat Stevens and Il Divo.

Fridrik has great interest in personal development and relaxation practises and holds a Master Practitioner certification in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis and has also studied the Indian Ayurvedic science in depth as well as Yoga, Reiki and ancient Hawaiian Huna. In 1996 Fridrik started his own label River of light records to devote time to his favourite music practise that is writing and performing New age and spiritual music that he has labelled as the Feel good music collection he has produced more than 15 albums to date.

His music is tuneful yet not distractingly so. It seems to blend wonderfully into a Reiki session and the slow rhythms mark the passage of time but without the timed bell sounds found on some CDs that can detract from a more intuitive approach to Reiki. I have several of his CDs and I like them all but one of my favourites, and a good introduction to Fridrik's style is Peace of Mind.
Click on the Peace of Mind - Fridrik Karlsson button to listen and buy, or click here to check it out on Amazon.

Editor's note: I would like to share a handy tip with those who like to have gentle background music even while they teach. To avoid having repetition of tunes during several hours, as would occur if you simply put a CD in repeat mode, I like to rip my favourite Reiki CDs to mp3 files and then copy them from my PC onto a 1 Gigabyte USB drive. This allows my about 10 hours of continuous music when I plug the USB drive into a CD player that has a USB port. CD players that can automatically change between several CDs are also useful for several hours of music but they often make quite a lot of noise when they change to the next CD.


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