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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The last of the falling petals: Waka Fest 2011 comes to an end

Cherry blossom season passes all too quickly no matter where one lives. It's difficult to pinpoint just how long the season lasts since it's dependant on location, climate and unexpected weather conditions. In Japan, cherry blossom season started on January 19 in Naha, but today is the average opening date for the season in Sapporo. After the petals start to appear, it's only two short days until trees are in full blossom. After a week, the decline begins. You can catch some beautiful photos of cherry blossom season and the calendar for average opening and full dates throughout Japan here.

And here's the last falling blossom of Waka Fest 2011:

Pink cherry blossoms

Greet the spring with joy and hope
The world rejoices
Till they drop, their beauty gone
Like the world eclipsed by war.

by Pearl Bouton


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