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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Reiki focus group concludes, the art show opens, the mandala is unveiled, and a special article by the artist

by Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

Happy August! Here in the United States we've been having an unusually hot summer, but a group of Reiki practitioners from here and all corners of the world have been keeping cool while participating in The Reiki Digest's focus group, in which Reiki practitioners were asked to use a mandala and answer the question: Does art aid the healing process? 

Participants in four categories (Self treatment, meditation, treatment of others and distant treatment) agreed to practice with the mandala at least 5 times over an eight week period that spanned June and July. The focus group has concluded and we'll be tallying the results, which we'll share later this month.

We've unveiled the focus group mandala, which appears along with an article about the fascinating process used in its creation by artist P.C. Turczyn, who because of her healing intentions was selected to appear in Renee Philip's book titled Vision, Passion & Purpose, Artists as World Changers, along with 100 other vocational artists. Don't miss the article and the special Pam is running for readers of The Reiki Digest.

And, if you're looking for something cool to do during these dog days, check out our online art show featuring the work of our own world changers right here in the Reiki community! It's a great collection of healing art you won't want to miss.


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