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Monday, September 26, 2011

Intuition: do you share it?

Deborah Flanagan's August 18th article on the number one question clients asked generated a few comments.

The subject of intuition is near and dear to our hearts here at The Reiki Digest. Here's what readers had to say.

Em said: Absolutely LOVE this post! It's so true that it probably is one of the more common questions from clients and I also see it pop up during practitioner Reiki shares too. I have to admit, that I too have looked forward to learning what others have picked up when it's my turn on the table. A few times, it has been helpful to confirm something I was already thinking of, but sometimes others have picked up what I had turned a "blind eye" to. I am very inspired by this post to further connect to my own wisdom and to the wisdom of the Reiki energy. THANK YOU!

Bonnie said: I think there's a continuum it's not an "either or" thing here, in terms of share it or don't. I've found that many people are looking for affirmation of their own "inner" feelings...and that kind of affirmation can help lead to them trusting their own intuition and higher self much more in the long run. Just "trust your intuition" is a big leap for many people. They need a little help. Gently giving impressions in a way that helps to guide them toward their OWN knowledge can be extremely helpful. It certainly was for me. You say your own intuition "isn't always correct" so perhaps it's a matter of knowing when ego is in the way...and discerning between true intuition and other things (like a need to fix, etc) Just my thoughts!

Anonymous said: Doing volunteer work in a hospital setting, we have to be careful NOT to share anything that we pick up. And, yes, people frequently ask. Thank you for your response - it is perfect.

What do you think? Do you share your intuition? Why or why not?


Blogger Divine Lotus Healing said...

I do share, but, I'm also a trained psychic, medium and channel and I offer those kinds of sessions for clients in addition to offering Reiki. I also teach classes on how to open your psychic senses.

So, when someone comes for a Reiki session, they know I have those kinds of abilities. What I make clear is that not all Reiki practitioners do this and that it is not my job as the message giver to make meaning of what images or sounds or thoughts, or sometimes even visits from crossed over loved ones, come through for the Reiki client. It is the client's job to make the meaning and they can choose to take the information and process it or not.

5:33 AM  

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