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Friday, January 14, 2011

Animal Reiki Friday: 2010 Poll results

Our 2010 Animal Reiki polls are now closed!  Here are the results!

Poll Number 1 - How animal Reiki practitioners get clients 38% of Animal Reiki practitioners find clients through advertising primarily. 62% get clients through word of mouth.

Poll Number 2 - How many Reiki practitioners took a special class to learn how to practice Reiki with animals? 29% took a course and 71% did not. These results reflected perhaps the reasons respondants who work with animals started practicing Reiki in the first place, as indicated in...

Poll Number 3 - Which came first, the animal, or the Reiki? 17% started practicing Reiki because they wanted to help animals. 83% were seeking a spiritual path.

Thanks to all who responded!


Anonymous Jennifer said...

I have done more animal Reiki then people for some reason. The past two years I was thrown into a situation of having to work on animals more. A lot of them died anyway, but im pleased to see other people are doing animal reiki.

1:21 PM  

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