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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Book Review: Healing Power Beyond Medicine - A Guide to Remove Obstacles and Reclaim Joy by Carol A. Wilson, Ph.D.

By Beth Lowell, Managing Editor

Carol Wilson’s extraordinary book, Healing Power Beyond Medicine, A Guide to Remove Obstacles and Reclaim Joy is an inspiring work, densely packed with fact, case histories and personal observations about what she calls the biopsychosocial-spiritual paradigm.

Don’t let those words scare you though; they mean simply: body, mind and spirit.

Wilson explores not only the dire health situations we face today from cancer and suicide, to the prohibitive expense of medical care and the toll prescription drugs take on the human body, but also offers solid and easy techniques to achieve optimum health, wellness and joy.

One quiet sentence not far into the first section of the book that discusses how the present model of healing got to where it is today reveals a basic truth: “If we recognized and understood that most diseases are caused by lifestyle behavior, conventional medicine would probably fade away into obscurity.”

What follows is an exploration of actively incorporating spirituality into lifestyle, how to remove obstacles to healing (and what they are) and a comprehensive and clearly written explanation of five tools for healing: mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, Reiki and aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oils.

Quotations from Buddha, the Bible, Rumi, and a host of other poets, saints and spiritual leaders are peppered throughout along with inspirational poetry and transformational stories taken from case histories of Wilson’s clients.

Her message is a call to recognize the value of the body, mind and spirit connection in healing, to integrate science and spirituality in friendship and to “raise the bar and learn to speak a new – and much needed – global and universal language that understands and experiences the true nature of heart and mind.”

This book is published by O Books and is available at Amazon:


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