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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Picking up the pace

Dear Readers,

The Reiki Digest is pleased to announce a new expanded format that will enable us to move a bit faster as we work to keep you informed on Reiki-related news around the world. Effective immediately, we will be posting items on our web site not just once a week, but frequently throughout the week. Our email subscribers will continue to receive a complete weekly edition of the Digest every Thursday, including each and every item that has been posted on our web site during the week. If you prefer to read our reports and features as they happen, just drop by The Reiki Digest web site at your convenience anytime for the latest updates. Or if you'd like to receive them as they are posted, just add our RSS feed to your news reader and you'll get them automatically. Our new format will also give each item its own link, which will be helpful to writers as well as readers. And if you write an article for the Digest, it will be a separate post, with its own headline, and you can link to it directly, from an email or your own web site. If you're a reader or researcher looking for an item we've published, we hope you'll be able to find it, and link to it, more easily. (To submit an article, contact

To make our new format possible, we are discontinuing an option that only a handful of readers chose anyway -- the link-only edition. Since there will be not one but many links in each weekly edition, that will no longer be feasible. Link-only subscribers will automatically receive the full edition from now on.

We welcome your comments on our new format and on any item in The Reiki Digest -- in fact, you'll be able to comment directly on individual items rather than an entire edition, which we hope will lead to a livelier discussion on specific topics. We do moderate comments to weed out the spam, including the comments advertising the services of individual Reiki practitioners. (To advertise in The Reiki Digest, contact

Thanks for your support!

Janet Dagley Dagley
The Reiki Digest


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