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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reiki Roundup

This week's Reiki Roundup begins at a familiar place: Mystickal Voyage, the New-Age bookstore and cafe in Nottingham, Maryland, USA, operated by a subscriber and recently expanded to three times its previous size, thanks to MegaMillions winner and Reiki practitioner Rev. Bunky Bartlett. Congratulations, and we're now even more interested in visiting the shop next time we're in the Baltimore area.

Next stop: Manhattan Beach, California, USA, where a local botanical garden will be the setting for "Reiki in the Garden" in May.

From there we move on to the town named after a game show, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA, said to be a magnet for practitioners of the "healing arts," including Reiki.

And finally, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, where a group of Reiki practitioners has just returned from a trip to India to see how the money they raised is being used to help charities there.


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