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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another important point on mountain climbing

From my own Reiki sherpa, a contribution to our discussion on mountain climbing:

Dear Janet,

First of all thank you again for the wonderful newsletter.

The story "To the Mountaintop" in the last newsletter was very inspiring and also made me laugh when I saw that upside down mountain!

There's something else important about mountain climbing, especially for novices, that might be worth discussing.

When we climb a mountain we need a guide; someone who can help us climb to reach the summit. This guide needs to have been on the mountain many times before, a professional guide, so that he/she knows how to guide you all the way to the top. If the guide hasn't been there him/herself, it becomes like the blind leading the blind.

Not only does the guide need to be good at leading you on your path but the guide needs to have traveled many of the different paths to the summit before. In this way he/she knows which paths are the best to be climbed and by whom.

Initially the guide will ask you many questions and will look at how you behave during the first part of the climb. This gives the guide an idea on how to progress with you. Some climbers might do better on the east face while others might find it easier on the north face of the mountain.

This is the same within the system of Reiki; the Reiki teacher needs to have walked the path in order to know how to guide the student or it becomes like the guide on the mountain... the blind leading the blind.

Frans Stiene

Thanks, Frans!

By the way, Frans will be in New York City in October to guide students through a Shinpiden (Master/Teacher) class as well as a One-Day Advanced Workshop, "Reiju and the Essence of Universal Energy", sponsored by The Reiki Digest and The Reiki Dojo.


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