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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank you!

Two years ago, just out of my first Reiki master program, I decided to combine my previous career as a journalist with my interest in this natural healing art by establishing an online weekly publication to serve the global Reiki community, and The Reiki Digest was born on July 1, 2006. I thought it would be like a small-town newspaper, and I suppose it is in a way, although our growing community stretches across at least 110 countries.

Since this publication began I've completed two more Reiki master programs, become a teacher, sponsored classes by other teachers, and founded The Reiki Dojo, which now has branches in Washington, D.C., and Denver, Colorado, as well as our original New York City location. I've also educated myself week after week on how Reiki is portrayed in the media, and tried to clear up some of the confusion and misinformation.

Many readers have written to offer their thanks for this free service, and I'm very grateful for that. But I must thank all of you for the attention you've given to The Reiki Digest in the past two years, because without readers, this publication would not have succeeded. Many, many thanks to each and every one of you.

My favorite part of The Reiki Digest, however, has been not my words, but yours. I value your comments and contributions, and I am pleased that this global community publication is becoming more and more interactive. I send extra thanks to all who have added their comments and guest articles to the Digest, and I look forward to many more in the coming years.

And a very, very, very special thanks to the people who make this publication possible by covering some of our costs: our advertisers.

We would be remiss if we didn't thank our staff of robotic reporters: Google and Yahoo, who have worked every single day since months before our launch to find references to Reiki in the news. Someday, we hope to supplement their work with contributions from human reporters. In addition to reporting on Reiki nonstop for us, Google also provides our publishing platform (Blogger), our email, and our phone service. They found a way to profit from giving away their services, and while The Reiki Digest isn't exactly in the black yet, we are doing our best to follow in their cyber-footsteps.

And of course, my deepest gratitude to all my Reiki teachers, my students, and my clients.

Thanks again!

Janet Dagley Dagley, RM/T, IARP, Komyo Reiki Shihan
Editor and Publisher


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