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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ask and you shall receive . . . replies

Last week, Scott K. asked, and this week the replies have started to come in. Here's the question once more:

The other week I watched the secret and learned about the law of attraction for the first time. I was wondering what the opinion of the Reiki community is on the law of attraction. My understanding from the movie is that as long as you focus your attention on something, and it does not matter if it is in a positive way or negative way, that something will come your way. If this is true then focusing on the precepts will bring one more anger and worry.

Katherine Simonton from New Hampshire was the first to respond. Longtime readers may recall Katherine's article "Reiki Paradigms" from a January 2007 edition of The Reiki Digest. She is a nurse as well as a Reiki teacher. Katherine writes:

Greetings to the Reiki Digest cyber community! I am moved to reply to Scott's query. I am a Reiki Master- level practitioner for many years and am also a student of the Abraham material via Esther Hicks. Abraham is actually a group of non physical entities who offer guidance on the Law of Attraction through Esther. It has been my experience that their teachings offer a much deeper and more complete understanding of the principles of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is about vibration - the vibration that is created by our thoughts and the feelings they generate - not so much our fleeting thoughts but those habitual thought patterns that are frequently unconscious until we bring them into the light of observation & attention. We attract whatever is harmonious with the vibration of those thought patterns. Reiki is so wonderful because it helps to calm the mind, relax the body and raise our vibrational level.

When we are resisting something or saying no to something (like anger, for example) - it is vibrationally the same as saying yes to it. Whatever we resist, persists.

However, I don't look at the precepts that way - as resisting or saying no to anger. My intent is to not bear anger and within that practice, I have looked within at what that means for me. I have become more aware of those thoughts that lead to anger for me, of the ways in which my ego wants to hold on to anger at times, how I do or do not express anger, etc. As a result of that practice (and studying the Abraham material), I am learning how to shift my thoughts to align with my intent to not bear anger - some days it's a walk in the park and other days, I may need to use another precept - being compassionate with myself & others - to help me slowly turn my thoughts up the Emotional Scale ( this is a guide that Abraham uses with Bliss/joy/love at the top and fear/anger near the bottom). It is not denying the anger, but using it as a "sign" that I am out of alignment with my higher Self & my intent (not to bear anger) and noticing how it feels in my body - then (without judging myself) looking for the next best thought I can find that will help me move toward my intent and toward feeling better. Here again, self Reiki can be a wonderful helper!

I also know some Reiki folks sort of spin those first two precepts into an intent/affirmation that is more positive -ie, just for today, I will be peaceful.

I thank you for raising the question, Scott, and for giving me the opportunity to respond. If it is helpful, great and if not, just delete it!! I look forward to reading other responses.

Katherine Simonton

Thanks, Katherine. Before we go further, I think it's important to explain here that the concept of non-physical entities is not part of the system of Reiki, nor are the Abraham/Hicks teachings.

The next response to Scott's question is from Wendy Kirpanos:

I was just thinking that exact same thing the other day! However I also started thinking of how the precepts have helped me....Every time something happens that I would normally blow up about, my higher self says "Do Not Anger". Whenever the bills come in and we don't have enough funds in the bank, my higher self says "Do Not Worry". Every time my ego starts to show it's ugly head, my higher self says "Be Humble".

No one can "Be Happy" all the time, but everyone can work on "Do Not Anger".

Wendy Kirpanos

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