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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Celeb-Reiki Report: Special Fashion Week Edition

It's Fashion Week again here in New York: the models take to the runway beginning tomorrow to reveal the Spring 2009 collections.

For the occasion, we decided to check in on some prior Celeb-Reikies in the fashion world.

First, model (and Reiki practitioner) Lea Rannells of New Jersey, who appeared on season 4 of Bravo TV's Project Runway. Rannells still practices Reiki, and she'll be among the models at Bryant Park again this week. But beyond the runway, Rannells has her own collection that's heartfelt and down-to-earth: Model Hope, Inc., a line of T-shirts that benefit a charity for domestic violence victims.

To Rannells, being a model means much more than wearing designer clothing. It means being a model, period. And in that sense, she says, we're all models: "What do you model?" she asks on her web site. "We are all models of our own light."

"The Best Fashion Statement is A Compassionate Heart, Wear that, And you'll Never Go Out of Style," Rannells writes on her MySpace page, once again serving as a model for us all.

Next up, uber-model Agyness Deyn, originally Laura Hollins -- she got her interestingly spelled stage name from her Reiki practitioner mum. Here she is modeling an Anna Sui design back in February (photo by Ed Kavishe for Fashion Wire Press via Wikimedia Commons):

Charlotte Ronson: This designer's mother, Reiki Master Ann Dexter-Jones, makes the Celeb-Reiki Report most every week. But it's Charlotte, twin of Samantha, sister of Mark, whose artistry will be in the spotlight on Saturday at 11 a.m.


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