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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Reiki resolutions for the New Year

Many thanks to all who have contributed their Reiki resolutions for the New Year. Here are a few more:

Amanda wrote:

Ah I missed this because I wasn't checking blogs over the break - thanks for keeping it open longer :o)

I only make resolutions when I really mean to keep them and this one I do: Gratitude is my word for 2009 and I promise myself I will live this word by giving and receiving in a gracious manner. This means, in Reiki terms, taking the time to simply "be", more time to heal myself as well as others, building my blog to be the place of interest and community I always wanted it to be and sharing the wonderful gift by beginning to offer attunements.

Hope that resolution wasn't too long winded - I couldn't make it any shorter :o)

Scotto-san wrote:

"Here is my New Year's resolution -

work towards - being compassion

Though not likely to be accomplished in a year and possibly not in a lifetime but it is worth trying!"

Thanks again to all and Happy New Year once again!


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