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Thursday, February 05, 2009

. . . and a little vinegar

What a great discussion we've had so far on the topic of personal responsibility and being Reiki, nonduality, Reiki history, and more -- in fact, we've strayed a bit from the topic of Heather Alexander's article that started it all

Next week, we'll wrap this one up with a summary and some reflections on our differences over nonduality. But first, David Bandas found last week's comments from Pamir Kiciman a bit provocative.

David wrote:

I find all of these discussions, particularly this last one by Pamir, puzzling and vexing. If it's "high time to stop being a Takata apologist," it's high time to stop being a Takata basher.

The teachings of Mikao Usui are closely guarded by the Usui Reiki Gakkai in Japan. It is a closed society, and very little information seems to come forth from that source. Why not please address this secrecy and stubbornness where it is held?

The implication that Takata somehow purposefully withheld the truth from her students regarding "nonduality" or whether Hayashi was *really* a doctor seems ludicrous to me.

I just observed a Reiki I class which was attended by six students under the age of 14. They were very excited to learn the practice taught by Hawayo Takata. Perhaps they have been initiated into a practice which they may find not only physically comforting, but which may lead them more deeply into themselves and a more esoteric personal practice. Or not. Hands on Reiki may very well be the stepping stone for "true personal evolution." This has most definitely been true for me.

If it weren't for Takata, teaching the Reiki she practiced with an amazing amount of energy and dedication, and left up to the holders of Usui's teachings in Japan, the Usui Reiki Gakkai, I would not have this beautiful practice I cherish so highly today.

Trying to retrofit what is slowly emerging in bits and pieces about the way Usui practiced Reiki into what Takata taught and practiced, and then implying that she somehow withheld the truth is disingenuous.

I would never dare apologize on her behalf for anything!

Thanks, David. 

We also thank David for these follow-up comments he added the next day:

P.S. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness and clarity of this thread, and the generous contributions by the writers. Upon further reflection, it is so wonderful to see the discussion of Reiki explore its more spiritual aspects.

Unfortunately, it pushed some of my buttons generally unrelated to the subject at hand. I apologize for my harsh tone.

More discussions seem to end with questions about what Takata knew, or with what she decided to teach. For me, the elephant in the room is what is known and practiced by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and why their secrecy isn't questioned more.

Yes, we are Reiki. Apparently, I personally am Reiki mixed with a little vinegar!

You're not alone there, David. There's a little vinegar in all of us.

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Anonymous Pamir | Reiki Help Blog said...

Hi David: I replied to your comments under the original post here:
Personal Responsibility and Being Reiki: further discussion

And my take on all of this can be found in my latest post on my own blog:
Modern Reiki

6:38 PM  

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