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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holistic nurses group responds to Catholic bishops: 'Denying Reiki is unethical'

Is it ethical to deny Reiki treatment? Or to prevent a nurse from administering Reiki?

The AHNA statement quotes Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, a professional liability risk management consultant:

"One of the essential core principles of health care ethics is respect for patient autonomy. Autonomy refers to the patient's self-rule and the opportunity to make meaningful choices. . . Disrespecting autonomy means ignoring, insulting, or demeaning those choices by not honoring the decisions and preferences of the patient . . . The [Catholic bishops'] Guidelines in effect would violate the ethical principle of patient autonomy because the Guidelines would deny a patient in a Catholic hospital or health care facility the right to choose Reiki as part of the patient's treatment plan." 

The statement goes on to point out that the bishops' guidelines also conflict with the AHNA's Standards and Scope of Practice. It also cites five studies "that support the efficacy of Reiki in reducing anxiety, reducing pain, facilitating wound healing, creating a sense of well being, increasing hemoglobin levels, and decreasing free radicals." The AHNA statement concedes that "studies involving Reiki are not conclusive and the exact mechanism in which Reiki healing occurs is unknown. . . 

"Not all natural phenomena are understood by science -- new discoveries are first ridiculed, then argued against, then accepted as obvious," the statement concludes.

Many thanks to holistic nurse and Reiki Master Teacher Lilia V. Marquez for alerting us to this news.


Blogger ppuk said...

A bit of a better story about the Catholic Church and Reiki.

Apparently te last (Polish) Pope was a great supporter of Reiki.

Wanja Twan, one of Takata's 22 Masters, taught several Catholic nuns and priests in Poland in the early 1990s; some up to Master level. I met some of them in Canada at the Reiki Alliance conference in 1993.

They had all asked for the Polish Pope John Paul's blessing to learn and teach Reiki and had received it.

Wanja said that she saw a framed letter on the wall of one of the Priests' office from the Pope himself giving his blessing to the priests.

Now she wished she had had a camera or photocopier handy!

Later in his life, while suffereing from Parkinson's disease and other ailments of old age, the Pope received Reiki regularly; some say even daily.

When some of our Irish colleagues met opposition from Catholic diehards, they told them about the Pope's support for Reiki. The opponents of Reiki checked it out and shut up!

Sadly the new German Pope is not so broad minded and some French Reiki Masters have felt the effect of this new chiller square headed wind in the church.

I thought you would want to know Wanja's story. The Reiki Alliance annual conference this year is being held in Poland and Wanja is going to try and contact her Catholic students.



5:23 PM  
Blogger ReikiMstrTim said...

I am shocked.It is everywere in the Bible about healing hands. for instance,,1Cor 12 7;9 and in Mark16 18 and in luke17 11;19 also in Acts4 30 also in Acts 28 8;9 and also in John 14 12. how can the Pope condem this when there is proof? It is in the greatest book ever written,,,,The Holy Bible

6:36 PM  

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