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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Martha Stewart, Celeb-Reiki

Martha Stewart spoke the word "Reiki" on television Monday as part of a very nice feature on her recent visit to New York's Animal Medical Center -- where Reiki is among the modalities available to patients. As she spoke, viewers saw a chihuahua named Zsa Zsa happily receiving a hands-on treatment. 

So now Reiki is officially "a good thing." And Martha Stewart is officially a Celeb-Reiki.

You can watch it yourself here -- Click on "Animal Medical Center" (it's the small image of Martha in a green jacket,  surrounded by people in white coats). Reiki is mentioned at about 4:20 in that segment. The whole program is available there as well. 

Say, Martha, The Reiki Dojo is right around the corner from your studio in Chelsea, and we'd be glad to talk to you about Reiki for humans as well.


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