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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reiki by-products: our readers respond

Last week, regular Reiki Digest contributor Beth Lowell brought up a great topic for discussion: as she put it, Reiki by-products, and what to do with them. I know it was a great topic because the first response came in less than 10 minutes after publication. 

Lori-lyn wrote:

This is so fascinating—great topic for conversation! I’m aware of things that are a part of my practice that aren’t “pure Reiki.” I do receive intuitive information via “visions” during Reiki sessions and I do, generally, share this information with my clients. The key is that they know beforehand that this may or may not happen and have consented to it. I’m always careful to tell people that it’s not a part of Reiki. (Although I have to say, Reiki III amplified my intuitive abilities significantly.) I also give readings and most people who come to me want both. I think healing and intuitive modalities blend in to one another – there’s going to be cross over and no two practitioners are going to create a practice that looks the same. I’m practicing Reiki because I’m attuned with the Reiki symbols and my training comes out of that tradition – but I’m also practicing stuff that’s not Reiki. Because of the way my practice is constructed, people who come to me also know that I do the intuitive work, so the door is open there for conversation about it. If I were giving Reiki treatments in a spa situation, I probably wouldn’t mention it.

The question about whether or not sharing this information limits healing is an interesting one.

And Andi wrote:

Although I have been attuned with Reiki I, II and III, I consider myself a neophyte. The style of Reiki I am taught is definitely not classical, although the attunement process and some of the teachings seem similar....

I say that as a preface that during my classes (I'm in the next "level" right now), my teacher will consistently share her intuitions. The first time this happened to me by her, it was odd. I'd been struggling with a particular emotion I was dealing with that didn't make sense, but once she said what she was receiving, it became very clear which allowed me to process things much more quickly and fully.

On one or two occasions, these "intuitions" have come to me, but more often than not they don't. I did share them because they were with my mother (could that have been why I received them so easily?). Since I don't practice on anyone other than myself and my family, it's hard to tell if this would become stronger.

I think you do what comes naturally and comfortably to you. And then use the information in whatever way enhances your practice. Whether it's guiding you with hand placement, discussing with your client/receiver or whatever. But I think shutting it down completely goes against the way that I was taught.

Just as everyone feels the energy in a different way, everyone receives information in different ways...

Thanks, Lori-lyn and Andi, and thanks again, Beth! 

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