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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three years and counting!

Dear readers,

Today, The Reiki Digest celebrates three years of service to the global Reiki community, and we hope to celebrate many more such anniversaries. We now have readers joining us from more than 150 countries: Reiki practitioners of assorted lineages, styles, and levels, as well as anyone who wants to know more about this gentle, powerful healing practice. And hundreds of new readers have discovered us just in the past few months. As our community grows, more and more voices are joining our ongoing discussions. 

This publication comes to you at no charge, and we hope to keep it that way for our online edition, thanks to a combination of reader donations and advertising. And the same goes for our new Reiki Digest Radio feature.

Several readers have suggested we make our donations button a bit more prominent, so beginning with this issue, we're doing just that. If you find The Reiki Digest of value and you'd like to help ensure we'll make it to our fourth anniversary, click below to contribute any amount via PayPal to help cover some of our costs:

Thanks for supporting The Reiki Digest!

We're also gearing up to expand our advertising, so if you're interested in supporting this publication and getting the word out about your own Reiki-related business, email for more information.


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