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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From our readers

A.V. Rajan wrote:

Dear Sir,

I am a Reiki healer from Mumbai,India. Sometimes we have to make our activity interesting, because it becomes monotonous type of work.

I am planning a make to small booklet, where each Reiki healing centre will present at least Two cases sucessful healing through healing.

I request you to give Two such cases of patients healed through Reiki.This is of my own interest to keep record of such things, it helps us sometimes.

Thanks and best Regards,
A.V. Rajan

Thanks for your letter, A.V. While we all want to be careful not to make any irresponsible claims about cures, we look forward to seeing your collection of cases. Readers, since A.V. didn't give us permission to publish his/her email address, if you'd like to contribute to A.V.'s booklet, add a comment to this post on our web site or email your case reports to editor @

Jackie Rose wrote:


Thought you'd like to see this article. Some scientists in Japan are proving that Humans Glow, something we as Reiki Practictioners are aware of, the energy glow of "us humans".


Jackie Rose

Thanks, Jackie! And we note that the article was published in a scientific journal, no less!

Vanessa Calderon, RN, wrote:

I am writing to share a special moment with you, a moment that I experienced today courtesy of my beautiful little three-year-old, Katie... This warmed my heart so much and I think it might warm your heart as well...

Today I passed Reiki to Katie. As I held up my hands and she played in the water, she went about her business as usual. Then I asked her, "Kate, do you feel the Reiki?" She looked at both of my hands and chirped, "Yeah!"

Then I asked her, "What does the Reiki feel like?"

She looked at my hands again, first one and then the other, she smiled, and then looked into my eyes and said in the sweetest little voice, (almost in a tone that said, "well, of course...") ..."Reiki feels like Love."

Out of the mouths of babes.


Thanks, Vanessa! What a lovely story!

To join our ongoing discussion or to comment on any Reiki-related subject, add a comment to this or any other post on our web site, or email editor @ We look forward to hearing from you, as does our global Reiki community.


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