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Monday, February 01, 2010

Healing music for Haiti

So many Reiki practitioners around the world are including Haiti in their meditations in the wake of the devastating earthquake there, many of them organizing synchronized group sessions to send healing energy to the victims and relief workers there. To aid that process, we asked Reiki practitioner and harpist Cymber Lily Conn to record a special healing harp session for Haiti.

Cymber explains:

"Janet Dagley Dagley, editor of The Reiki Digest, asked me if I would create a special musical Reiki healing for the people and environment of Haiti. What a beautiful idea!

As I played this piece, I imagined how life might once again be for Haiti: easy island living, swinging in a hammock, catching fish, eating with family and friends. I felt palm trees, gentle breezes, and rich sunsets pass through my hands on their way to comfort my fellow humans.

I invite you to send your prayers and healing energies to Haiti along these harp strings, so that we may speed recovery and find hope."

Cymber Lily Conn is a Level II Reiki practitioner and harpist and frequent contributor to The Reiki Digest. She creates custom music for Reiki practitioners and clients.

Click on the mp3 player below to listen, and our thanks to for helping us with the audio.

Thanks, Cymber!

We hope Reiki practitioners everywhere will continue to send healing energy to Haiti as well as sending monetary donations to help with the continuing crisis and overwhelming need there.


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