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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Reiki Roundup

Calderdale, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom: Reiki is one of the modalities being offered to nursing home residents on Dignity Action Day, part of a campaign to ensure that older people are treated with dignity and respect.

Twickenham, Middlesex, UK:
First he got breast cancer, then she did. Now the UK's only husband-and-wife breast cancer patients are both survivors, and Reiki helped them get through the ordeal.

Birmingham, UK, and Sydney, Australia: If you're in Sydney on March 21, 2010, be on the lookout for a group of women wearing pink climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They're the Breast Friends of Solihull, a group of breast cancer survivors who'll be traveling from England to Sydney to raise money for their organization, which provides Reiki and other services to those affected by the illness.

Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA: Haiti, an ailing, blind, red-tailed hawk who had received Reiki from a veterinarian trying to save him, was euthanized by Tufts University doctors who declared him a hopeless case, and the vet who tried to rescue the raptor is very upset that the bird was put down rather than returned to her or other doctors for further treatment.

Great Falls, Montana, USA: A first-time Reiki recipient tells a reporter that "It made my mind quiet."

Temecula, California, USA:
A reporter for the Riverside Press-Enterprise gets a Reiki treatment, and loves it. Great photos of people practicing Reiki!

Spokane, Washington, USA: A volunteer offers Reiki to residents at a shelter for low-income women. "Reiki helps lift the weight off their shoulders," says the shelter's director.


Anonymous Angel Chris said...

An informative blog with all the charitable facilities available.. Sydney is a great place , I am sure they can get enough money for their organization..
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