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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Reiki Roundup

Syracuse, New York, USA: Reiki is being offered in upstate New York hospitals. While one detractor says, "Having it available in the hospital makes it seem to the patient who is not educated that this is a legitimate therapy that will do them some good", patient surveys show that patients find it extremely effective (does this not make it "legitimate?") in reducing stress levels.

New York, New York, USA: Beth Israel Medical Center goes zen! Nurses and patients alike see the benefits of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and Reiki at the first of its kind Zen Center in the country.

Royal Oaks, Michigan, USA: Beaumont Hospital, renown for its pelvic floor physical therapy program, opens new women's center to feature medical massage, guided imagery and Reiki.

Sydney, Australia: Auxiliary Bishop Julian Porteous warns that the popular Twilight series fuels a dangerous flirtation with occult Reiki! Luckily, this article also includes an explanation of why the Bishop is mistaken in his view.

New York, New York, USA: Reiki joins chakra balancing, Tellington Touch, and canine and feline massage as more pet owners seek natural methods as a complement to traditional veterinary care.


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