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Friday, March 12, 2010

This week's specials: tools of the trade

This week our specials are in the spotlight, focusing on tools of the trade for the professional Reiki practitioner.

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First, we all need massage tables, and for that we go to the Mercantilia massage table superstore, featuring all the top brands. Whatever table you choose, be sure to choose the Reiki endplate option -- that makes it easier to sit at the head or foot of the table without having to reach. It costs a little more but it will save you much wear and tear on your back in the long run. And if you sometimes work with clients on a floor mat, the shiatsu cable release option makes it possible to use your massage table for that as well.

Massage Tables - Free Shipping & up to 40% Off!

Gaiam's natural cotton mat and massage mat combination provide a more portable option that's comfortable for face-down as well as face-up positions (here it's used for a hot stone massage):

You'll need pillows, sheets, blankets and bolsters -- Gaiam's having a sale on organic bedding this month:, Inc also has a wide selection of massage table sheets. Here's just one example:

If you're a pro, you'll need to get paid, and these days that means accepting credit cards. can help you do that, beginning with a free consultation:

enCards - We'll Beat your current payment processor's rates or give you $100. Free Consultation / Service & Price Guarantee

You'll need brochures and business cards:

Printing For Less

You'll need a web site. We recommend the same thing we use: Google's free, easy-to-use

And you'll need a phone -- this one's only $1.67 a month:

Magic Jack

You'll need to keep your books in order:


And pay your taxes: logo 2

If Reiki becomes your day job, you'll need health insurance:

eHealthInsurance, Custom, 300 x 250

And anyone who practices professionally needs liability insurance. We get ours through the International Association of Reiki Professionals. -- the plans available through the IARP are only one of many benefits of membership. Once you become a member, you can choose the plan that's right for you. And if you use Promo Code TRD63, you'll get $10 off your new IARP membership, compliments of The Reiki Digest.

For more on setting up your professional Reiki practice, you might want to take a look at the article "Starting a Reiki Practice: Business Basics" by Marianne Streich in the Spring 2010 issue of William Lee Rand's Reiki News magazine -- unfortunately it's not available online, however.

You'll also need some music to practice Reiki by, and something to play it on:

Animated 186x156

And why not add to the ambiance with some Dancing Light Candles to enhance the experience?

We'll continue to add to our collection of products that can enhance your Reiki experience as well as your professional practice in the coming weeks. Thanks again for your support!


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